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NEW LEADERSHIP TOOL: Want to be a better leader? Take the LX Survey based on research and our Transformational Leadership consulting, self customizable for you, by you. Create your own action plan free - all you invest is your time and effort but please share your thoughts and work back with us for further research and statistical analysis. Contact us.


We coach leaders/leadership; we expect leaders to coach others and behave in a leader-like and coaching manner. Leadership occurs and is expected at every level of the organization and not only by virtue of position power. This action plan is behaviorally-focused. Start by answering the questions in sequence, answer all items, rate yourself on the frequency of your coaching leadership behaviors, then identify what you might strengthen in your personal and professional contexts, and finally how you will make the change. We offer it "free" to you and only ask you share your score and plan with us for statistical and research purposes.

Want to build a team? Let us help you customize the LX Survey to your specific needs. Contact us with your specs.

Coming Summer 2012

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Check it out - our Awesome Leader ™ Survey. Click Here!

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