Awesome Leadership ™ FAQ

1. What is the connection among Awesome Leadership ™ and the Growing Leaders' Toolkits ™ and the two organizations represented by the authors?

Each of us offers some of the same and some different services in our respective practices. However, we have worked together in varying configurations and share the same passions and values; we believe that together we are nurturing and growing Awesome Leaders! And, we'd like to do that with you and your organization. Our work and experience led us to formulate, test, and articulate the Awesome Leadership ™ ideas that we consult, coach, teach, speak, and write about. Our Growing Leaders' Toolkits ™ are vehicles for your self-learning, are core to our workshops, consultation, coaching, and instrumentation, and are all based on our work and experience with Awesome Leadership ™ . Click Here!

2. How do I access you personally to consult, coach, teach, or speak?

You can check us out and reach us on our individual websites or you can reach us through this site. Click Here.

3. Do you have other colleagues you can deploy to best meet our needs?

Yes, we have alliances with experienced colleagues in many corners of the world. We often work with others directly or indirectly. Our main concern is that you get the right talent and resources, in the right configuration, for the right investment, at the right place, at the right time. And, we all share similar values and aspirations towards our clients. Click Here!

4. What is Awesome Leadership?

In our respective practices, people tell us about the amazing, wonderful, and transformational, mentors, coaches, teachers, bosses, and friends they have experienced. They talk with profound respect and awe about the leadership characteristics and behaviors of these awesome people - the charisma, the intellectual prowess and stimulation, the customized consideration given them as individuals, the acknowledgment, the reinforcement and recognition, the inspiration and motivation, and their own desire to be with these individuals and follow them. From these stories and experiences and our own work and research, we derived the concept of Awesome Leadership ™ and we set out to document the skills and behaviors needed to be such a Leader. Click Here!

5. What is Growing Leaders' Toolkits ™ ?

We wanted to document a core of knowledge that allowed others to develop these Awesome Leader ™ skills and behaviors. So we wrote nine Growing Leaders' Toolkits ™ , the workshops, speeches, and processes; they are embedded in our daily work. Click Here! These Growing Leaders' Toolkits ™ are also available for you to purchase and use. Click Here!

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